Monthly Archive: May 2024

ApacheDirectoryStudio and macOS (ARM)

I have been using ApacheDirectoryStudio (ADS) for years as the best tool to manage LDAP information directly. It is a fantastically powerful, yet still easy to use tool. It is written in Java in the Eclipse environment. Ever since I got my M1 macBookPro I have had fits getting ADS to work with each macOS version. The online resources I have found (Stack Exchange and the ADS bug reports) all talk around the issue(s). I am documenting what I have found here to make it easier for me, and maybe others, to get this working without having to spend hours on it.

From what I have seen, there are two related issues, the version of Java, and whether the JVM is built for ARM (aarch64) or X64. In my recent go round on macOS Sonoma (14) I found that I needed to install Java 11 for X64, ADS for x64 (the ARM package of ADS is not available yet), and configured the ADS application to use the Java I installed. If I used the ARM version of Java 11 it failed, if I used the X64 version of Java 16 it failed. All with the same cryptic error about not being able to find the JNI_CreateJavaVM symbol.

Here is the link to the bug at ADS: (there are instructions for how to set the Java version embedded in that ticket)

Here is where I got my Java environments: